New Cutting-Edge Research

I am excited to let you know the research study “Impact of Healing Touch and Healing Harp on In-Patient Acute Care Pain” [...]

New Cutting-Edge Research2021-07-11T16:43:54-05:00

Sleep CD – “Calm as the Night”

Of all my CDs, I get the most feedback on Calm as the Night. Since 70 million Americans have sleep difficulties, perhaps [...]

Sleep CD – “Calm as the Night”2021-07-11T16:44:13-05:00

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Happy Thanksgiving message from Tami Briggs (Musical Reflections’ founder) – Thanksgiving is a favorite time to reflect on all of the [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!2021-07-11T16:44:16-05:00

Memorable Presentations

I am honored to have the opportunity to speak and play all over the country. These are some of the many 2011 [...]

Memorable Presentations2021-07-11T16:44:16-05:00

The power of reflection…

I always love to have time to review what has transpired over the past months, especially reflecting on my “gigs.” One of [...]

The power of reflection…2021-07-11T16:45:41-05:00

Resisting my message

When I speak, one of my main messages is to strongly encourage healthcare professionals to use more music (and frankly, less TV!) [...]

Resisting my message2021-07-11T16:45:41-05:00

Private Harp Therapy Practice

I exhibited at the North Central Healing Touch gathering in mid-March. To complete a certification in Healing Touch, the practitioners have to [...]

Private Harp Therapy Practice2021-07-11T16:45:42-05:00

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