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Interested in staying current with Musical Reflections’  news and happenings? We share all of our events and projects regularly … come back often to learn more. As we say in the harp world … stay tuned!

Time for Holiday Ordering

I know we say this every year, but it has been a fast year!! Even with all the issues around [...]

Sound Equipment Investment

When CoVid transformed the world to Zoom, I disliked the sound of my harp on this digital platform. So, I [...]

Alert: Name Change!

Where did United Nations of Harpists go? In August 2021, the name changed to Healing Harps for Global Peace and [...]

BioMat Information

Besides harp music, we rep a product (the BioMat) that we love and is perfect now that the evenings are [...]

CollageX – You are Invited!!

On October 10th, I’ll be speaking at a special event called CollageX.  The title of my mini-retreat is “Expansion of [...]



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