A nationally sought-after speaker, Tami Briggs educates audiences about using music for good health and in the healing process.

What is Tami’s core message?
We are so busy and “on” 24/7! The harp and relaxing music can calm, center and de-compress us. It is a natural approach to release stress and renew our energy. And this ancient wisdom is now finding its way into health care facilities, executive suites and corporate offices. Tami adds, “I love sharing simple and effective techniques that will positively impact you immediately.”

What makes Tami’s presentations unique?
Tami’s fans call her the “Queen of Relaxation!” She brings:

  • her harp to every presentation.
  • poignant moments, practical tips and peace through her music.
  • new ideas about using therapeutic music with intention.
  • an inspirational message and immediate application.

Several different presentations are offered to a variety of audiences:

Partial Client List…
•  Mayo Hospital and Clinics; Rochester, MN and Scottsdale, AZ
•  American Institute of Medical Education; Maui, Hawaii and Santa Fe, NM
•  Nebraska Hospice Conference; Lincoln, NE
•  International Transplant Nurses Society; Denver, CO and Minneapolis, MN
•  American Nurses Association Biennial Convention; Philadelphia, PA and Minneapolis, MN
•  Association of Professional Chaplains Conference; Toronto, Canada
•  Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Association; Madison, WI
•  City of Hope Medical Center; Los Angeles, CA
•  Society of Gynecological Nurses; San Antonio, TX
•  National Perinatal Bereavement Conference; Cincinnati, OH
•  International Parish Nurses Symposium; Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO
•  Oklahoma Parkinson’s Association; Tulsa, OK

•  “Wow! Very moving, knowledgeable speaker. I could have listened to her for hours.”
Mayo Clinical Nurse Specialists; Rochester, MN

•  “Bring Tami back always!!”
Parish Nursing conference; Wichita, KS

•  “You were the BEST presentation at ANA! It was awesome!”
American Nurses Association Biennial Convention; Minneapolis, MN

•  “Excellent – could easily be the best part of the day. She will truly be a hard act to follow.”
Association of Professional Chaplains; Toronto, Canada

•  “This teaching was sacred – healing – and the most powerful self-care lesson I have ever experienced.”
Health Ministries Association; Philadelphia, PA

•  “You offered so many excellent stories and examples of music for end-of-life care; this presentation gave me a whole different approach and attitude about the use of music. And your presence is much like the harp – gentle and powerful!”
Nebraska Hospice Conference; Lincoln, NE

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