I always love to have time to review what has transpired over the past months, especially reflecting on my “gigs.”

One of my favorites happened in late May in honor of Nurses Week for the HealthEast Healthcare System. Dr. Jean Watson, founder of Watson Caring Science Institute, was the featured speaker and what an awesome experience to be in her lovely presence for three days … wow!  Her work on caring science touches me deeply. Even though she focuses on nursing (and I’m not a nurse), her heart-felt message is so applicable to all of us. I’m still processing everything she said … more on this as the insights continue to “come in.”

To give Dr. Watson a break, I was invited to do a presentation, “Entraining Peace and Engaging Presence.”  While I always love to speak, sometimes the sessions are really special … and this was one of them! After Dr. Watson had created such a loving, sacred space, my job was easy. Our messages are so congruent … music can be one important component to creating a healing, caring environment … what an honor to “share the stage” with her.