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A Special Project!

Back in January, we “took” possession of 10 boxes from a dear peace builder who founded Pathways To Peace; she died in [...]

A Special Project!2022-06-14T07:27:46-05:00

Teaching Therapeutic Harp Lessons

It is one of my great joys to teach therapeutic harp lessons. Click here for more information. And an editorial note:  I [...]

Teaching Therapeutic Harp Lessons2022-05-31T09:16:17-05:00

Gold Gilding on the Harp

In the last blog, I mentioned taking my pedal harp to Lyon & Healy in Chicago to make the necessary repairs after [...]

Gold Gilding on the Harp2022-05-10T08:57:28-05:00

Harp Makers

Harp makers are a very special group of craftsmen. The oldest harp maker in the world is Lyon & Healy, headquartered in Chicago, [...]

Harp Makers2022-04-26T10:30:13-05:00

Harpists Need a Teacher

If you regularly read this blog, you know I offer therapeutic harp lessons to harpists who desire to play at the hospital [...]

Harpists Need a Teacher2022-04-12T11:47:58-05:00

Harpists’ Performance Anxiety

Many harpists (and musicians) have performance anxiety or stage fright. In fact, we work with harpists to give them ideas about how [...]

Harpists’ Performance Anxiety2022-03-29T11:04:38-05:00

Harp Oracle Book and Cards

One of my CoVid projects was helping a fellow harpist in Healing Harps for Global Peace and Unity edit her new book. [...]

Harp Oracle Book and Cards2022-03-15T08:26:14-05:00

A Harp Joke!

In the harp world, many harpists take their playing and work seriously. And, we also have a sense of humor!! A joke [...]

A Harp Joke!2022-03-04T09:51:05-06:00


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