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A Special Global Meditation with Harps

In mid-October, I received an e-mail from a harpist in Belgium that was a special global meditation with harps. Approximately 20 harpists [...]

A Special Global Meditation with Harps2024-02-13T12:42:30-06:00

Blue Crystal Bowl

Do you have an intention that you’d like to share? I recently put a beautiful blue crystal bowl at the base of [...]

Blue Crystal Bowl2024-01-30T13:12:32-06:00

Lyra Constellation

Have you heard of the Lyra constellation? A friend recently told me about it and I was particularly interested because of the [...]

Lyra Constellation2024-01-16T09:21:55-06:00

Happy Solstice from Musical Reflections

In two days, we will experience the solstice. (Winter in the northern hemisphere; summer in the southern hemisphere.) It always feels like [...]

Happy Solstice from Musical Reflections2023-12-19T12:23:30-06:00

Need Stocking Stuffer Gifts?

Now is the time to finish your last-minute gift shopping! Sharing downloads with your family and/or friends or giving CDs/books can be [...]

Need Stocking Stuffer Gifts?2023-12-05T10:16:55-06:00

Happy Holidays from Musical Reflections

On November 23rd, we will celebrate Thanksgiving (a U.S. holiday). The next day, our culture “flips” into holiday preparation with a vengeance! [...]

Happy Holidays from Musical Reflections2023-11-21T12:46:33-06:00

A Month of Gratitude

During the month of November, we celebrate our gratitude and the many blessings that we feel so thankful for: Our involvement with [...]

A Month of Gratitude2023-11-07T09:25:46-06:00

Peace on Earth by 2030 Initiative

In early June this year, I learned of a peace movement initiative called Peace on Earth by 2030. It is spearheaded by [...]

Peace on Earth by 2030 Initiative2023-10-19T09:42:37-05:00

Go See The New Barbie Movie

This blog post doesn't have anything to do with the harp, but rather, it's about pop culture! Time to go see the [...]

Go See The New Barbie Movie2023-10-10T09:50:09-05:00


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