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Holiday Shopping

Are you wanting some holiday gift ideas that are different than your usual gift card on Amazon? We love making the following [...]

Holiday Shopping2022-11-01T08:53:21-05:00


Do you know what santosha means? My yoga teacher always says this word when we are in the last, most relaxing pose. [...]


Copyright-Free Music

I was recently in a meeting where someone said, “There’s all kinds of copyright-free music available.” While this is true, I would [...]

Copyright-Free Music2022-10-04T15:08:13-05:00

Beautiful Artwork

I was recently exhibiting at a live conference; it was the first time in two+ years! It is always fun to see [...]

Beautiful Artwork2022-09-22T10:08:18-05:00

A New Music Stand

On a mildly warm spring day in Minnesota (April 4, 2022), I was walking in my neighborhood with a friend. She suggested [...]

A New Music Stand2022-09-06T10:43:11-05:00

Human Brain Waves and Music

For those of you who have heard me speak, I share about entrainment and the harp as a way to help you [...]

Human Brain Waves and Music2022-08-23T11:01:34-05:00

U.S. Department of Peace … Yes, Please!

In mid-February, we found out about a meeting sponsored by Pathways To Peace about getting involved with creating a U.S. Department of [...]

U.S. Department of Peace … Yes, Please!2022-08-09T10:21:47-05:00

Music and the Olympics

On this blog, we have posted about the Olympics before. And if you remember, we love the Olympics! Personally, we had a [...]

Music and the Olympics2022-07-26T08:37:16-05:00

Sensitivity to Sound(s)

Are you finding you are more sensitive to sound(s)? If so, you are not alone! We are hearing that frequently from our [...]

Sensitivity to Sound(s)2022-07-12T09:43:04-05:00


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