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An Exciting New Offering

We are sharing an exciting new offering – a unique approach to manifesting your heart's desires. This new session features a gentle, [...]

An Exciting New Offering2023-08-29T14:20:28-05:00

Harp Tuning

On this blog, I’ve mentioned harpists spend 50% of our time tuning and the other 50% of our time playing out of [...]

Harp Tuning2023-08-15T11:41:14-05:00

Breath in Love; Breathe Out Love

I was recently giving a PeaceHarp lesson and we were talking about connecting to our heart before playing. Breathe love into your [...]

Breath in Love; Breathe Out Love2023-08-01T09:17:03-05:00

PeaceHarp in Senior Living Facilities

I was recently asked about the possibility of bringing the PeaceHarp into senior living facilities. I find this so exciting! After having [...]

PeaceHarp in Senior Living Facilities2023-07-18T08:38:35-05:00

Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere

Tomorrow is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere (winter solstice in the southern hemisphere). We will be offering a Peace Meditation [...]

Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere2023-06-20T08:35:09-05:00

A Powerful “Download”!

I was recently asked to play for a friend’s granddaughter who overdosed on alcohol/drugs and ended up in a coma in a [...]

A Powerful “Download”!2023-06-06T08:41:27-05:00

Three-Year Anniversary of George Floyd

In a couple days (May 25th), it will be the third anniversary of the George Floyd situation happening “in my backyard” (about [...]

Three-Year Anniversary of George Floyd2023-05-23T12:00:25-05:00

Feminine Power Mastery Course

I am now a graduate of the Feminine Power Mastery Course! It started in late July 2022 and ended March 22, 2023. [...]

Feminine Power Mastery Course2023-05-09T08:38:38-05:00

The BioMat

We are a rep of a special product called the BioMat. We love it and enjoy sharing it with others! So, what [...]

The BioMat2023-04-11T10:12:31-05:00


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