Music to Connect You with Your Dreams

Dreaming Tami Briggs, Harpist • Mark Hellem, Violinist


Dreaming is a collection of classical songs and features the somber, yet heart-warming tones of harp and violin.

Dreaming of You
by Tami Briggs

You’ve been a dream; come to earth and be born.
We’re awaiting you; oh, come to us now.
You’ve been a dream so far, far away
We are rejoicing; you bring us such joy.

Be born, be born, be born to us today.
Be born, be born, be born to us today.

You are so precious, your birth blesses us
You will bring forth your love, light and grace
Goodness will be with you all of your days
We are rejoicing; you bring us such joy.

Total Time – 54:17 minutes

Playlist: Dreaming

Download Dreaming of You (3:20) (harp solo)LISTEN
Download Reverie (4:10) (harp solo)
Download Song in G (3:58) *William Mahan (harp and violin)
Download I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry (3:29) *John Ylvisaker (harp solo)
Download Panis Angelicus (5:40) (harp solo)
Download In the Bleak Mid-Winter (5:49) (harp and violin)
Download Dust to Stardust (6:03) *Time Line Productions, Inc. (harp, flute and violin)
Download Hymne (4:02) *Vangelis/Warner Bros Music (harp and violin)
Download Nocturne (4:10) (harp and violin)
Download Hear Thy Children, Gentlest Mother (5:10) (harp and violin) – LISTEN
Download New World Symphony (4:31) (harp and violin)
Download All Through the Night (3:21) (harp solo)

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What listeners have said about Dreaming

This is your most relaxing work yet. It is exquisite!”

I really enjoy the work you are doing. The expression and emotions that are displayed in Dreaming are wonderful. Keep up the good work.”

Until I met you and listened to your session, I had never given much thought to the harp. How powerful it is in relaxing you! I have been playing the Dreaming CD for my son. Now at his nap time, I give him a choice between ‘ocean or harp’ and he chooses the harp every time! It has made nap time so much easier. Thank you.”