In previous blog posts, I’ve written about Peace Meditations … and some deeper insights have “come in” about why they are such a powerful experience.

First of all, we all like to feel like we’re “doing” something. Meditating in a group is definitely “doing something”! It can be a powerful and synergistic experience. (In other words, 2 + 2 = more than 4!!)

Perhaps a big component of the synergy is the harp’s vibrations. They help us focus and keep our vibration high. When our community is at a high vibration, this is what “ripples out.” The music from the harp also “ripples out” into the collective and I see it as Points of Light from around the globe connecting and inter-connecting, making the vibrations be more transformative.

Also, the harp is the most vibrational of all instruments. It’s because of the large number of strings and the strings are open. Even on Zoom, it works! Besides it being a most vibrational instrument, it is also ancient/Biblical. It touches from the outside in; this means we hear the music externally but it connects and touches us internally. This is what makes it so healing – for ourselves, those we’re in community with and the collective.

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