I am now a graduate of the Feminine Power Mastery Course! It started in late July 2022 and ended March 22, 2023. It was an intense experience and extensive teachings. Some of the learnings that “came through” include:

  • Clarification of my greater purpose of why I’m here at this time in our history.
  • A deeper understanding of how intentions “behind” the harp make a difference to the music and to humanity as it receives the music.
  • Deeper connection to my inner knowing/intuition. This comes in handy in my work.
  • Increased visibility and leadership within communities that I’m involved in.
  • Deeper understanding of unity consciousness and how everything is connected.

Was it worthwhile to participate? Absolutely! And now, I’m excited to live it … stay tuned as I incorporate more of these principles in my Musical Reflections’ offerings.