An Afternoon of Peace and Gratitude

I recently had an opportunity to perform in my mom’s hometown … population 1,246! I performed on a Sunday afternoon and 80 [...]

An Afternoon of Peace and Gratitude2021-07-11T16:43:59-05:00

A Special Christmas Gift

Every Christmas, I get a parcel mailed to me from my dear Aunt Marg in Kearney, Nebr.  She is my Dad’s sister [...]

A Special Christmas Gift2021-07-11T16:44:06-05:00

April Speaking Engagements

A great joy for me is to speak and play the harp. And this month, I am honored to connect with three [...]

April Speaking Engagements2021-07-11T16:44:13-05:00

Have harp, will travel!

One of my great joys is to take a road trip with my harp. Over the summer, I went to Madison and [...]

Have harp, will travel!2021-07-11T16:45:41-05:00

Connecting with Parish Nurses

I am excited to return to the state where I grew up (Missouri) for the Westberg Parish Nursing Symposium in St. Louis, [...]

Connecting with Parish Nurses2021-07-11T16:45:41-05:00

Dr. Jean Watson & Caring

I was introduced to Dr. Jean Watson’s work several years ago. She is a nurse researcher with a focused interest on caring. [...]

Dr. Jean Watson & Caring2021-07-11T16:45:42-05:00

Upcoming Healing Harp Concert

I’ve had the opportunity to speak and play at the Mayo Clinic numerous times. They host many national conferences each year and [...]

Upcoming Healing Harp Concert2021-07-11T16:45:42-05:00

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