Good SamaritanThis incident happened at Thanksgiving last year. After completing my visit with my parents in Lexington, KY, they dropped me off at the airport. As they were driving home, their car caught on fire! They stopped at a stoplight and noticed smoke coming out of the hood. A woman pulled up next to them, rolled down her window and screamed, “Your car is on fire … get OUT immediately! I’m driving on and will call the police for you.”

My parents did get out – right in the middle of the intersection. Can you imagine two vulnerable elderly people standing in the middle of a busy intersection? Oh my! A gentleman in a car right behind them saw what was happening and he yelled, “Get in with me and I’ll back up” (in case their car exploded). The police and fire department made it in time to extinguish the fire – it totaled the car, but my parents were able to retrieve their personal belongings (mom’s purse, Dad’s walker, etc.).

My sister and I are so grateful for these angels/good Samaritans who took such great care of them. If you stop and think about it, I bet you and your family has a similar story. Feel free to share your thoughts … we love to hear from you!