New Cutting-Edge Research

I am excited to let you know the research study “Impact of Healing Touch and Healing Harp on In-Patient Acute Care Pain” [...]

New Cutting-Edge Research2022-01-12T20:10:10-06:00

A Special Review!

The Daily OM shared this beautiful review about my "Blessings to You" CD with its 1 million+ customers. I am deeply touched [...]

A Special Review!2022-01-12T20:10:24-06:00

Sleep CD – “Calm as the Night”

Of all my CDs, I get the most feedback on Calm as the Night. Since 70 million Americans have sleep difficulties, perhaps [...]

Sleep CD – “Calm as the Night”2022-01-12T20:10:25-06:00

Licensing CDs for Hospital Use

In the past 30 days, I have had several hospitals ask to license three of my CDs (Calm as the Night, The [...]

Licensing CDs for Hospital Use2022-01-12T20:10:25-06:00

Need final holiday gifts

Do you need last-minute holiday gifts for all the special people in your life? Musical Reflections offers 14 CDs – a perfect [...]

Need final holiday gifts2022-01-12T20:10:25-06:00


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