Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed that we are living in unprecedented times and energy? So many things are changing … and converging. It sure [...]

Have You Noticed?2021-08-31T09:49:57-05:00

Well-Being and the Harp – Part III

Mental well-being for harpists is an important component of our overall health. To begin, a quick question to ponder … when you [...]

Well-Being and the Harp – Part III2021-07-11T16:24:49-05:00

Well-Being and the Harp – Part I

Let us explain! The four areas of well-being are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In the next four blog posts, we are [...]

Well-Being and the Harp – Part I2021-07-11T16:24:49-05:00

The Power Center…

I was recently practicing my harp for the upcoming holiday season. When my phone rang, I noticed I was playing the “E” [...]

The Power Center…2021-07-11T16:43:51-05:00

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