Summer Detox with the BioMat

We are reps for a product (that we’ve mentioned on this website before) called the BioMat. It is a great product! And [...]

Summer Detox with the BioMat2021-07-11T16:24:37-05:00

The Harp and the BioMat

A month ago, I mentioned the BioMat on this website. I actually got interested in the BioMat because of the harp! As [...]

The Harp and the BioMat2021-07-11T16:24:46-05:00

The Paradoxes of the Harp!

I love the sounds that come from the harp and so many people share this same thought! Isn’t it interesting that an [...]

The Paradoxes of the Harp!2021-07-11T16:24:47-05:00

To Teach Harp Lessons or Not?

That’s the question!! For several years, my harp teacher has told me I should teach harp lessons. Up until now, it never [...]

To Teach Harp Lessons or Not?2021-07-11T16:24:47-05:00

The Emotion Code

I was recently in conversation with a friend when she casually mentioned “The Emotion Code.” It caught my attention and I asked, [...]

The Emotion Code2021-07-11T16:24:47-05:00

Music Streaming

I recently saw a Facebook post with a photo of “payments” from Spotify. I put quotes around “payments” because the picture was [...]

Music Streaming2021-07-11T16:24:47-05:00

Want Musical Reflections’ Updates?

We offer a couple different ways to stay in touch with us, as well as receive the most up-to-date information about all [...]

Want Musical Reflections’ Updates?2021-07-11T16:24:54-05:00

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