In mid-February, we found out about a meeting sponsored by Pathways To Peace about getting involved with creating a U.S. Department of Peace. We attended the Zoom and it was quite exciting!

The Peace Alliance conducted the training and here’s several highlights and definitely “food for thought”:

  • The original drafters of the U.S. Constitution put it in the document that they wanted to set up a Department of Peace. (To date, that hasn’t happened and isn’t it interesting that they had that original vision and we, as a culture, have yet to bring this to fruition?!!)
  • When Dennis Kucinich ran for office in 2010/2011, he introduced a Congressional Bill to launch a Department of Peace.
  • The process is to
    • Get signers (co-sponsors) of the Bill. When approximately 200 are on board, then
    • Bring the Bill to a hearing, then
    • Vote on it.
  • Since Dennis’ introduction of the Bill, there has never been 200 signers. And every two years, (when there’s a new Congress), we start over getting signers/Bill sponsors.

From this information, we find this a bit overwhelming and frankly, depressing. However, in our meeting, we talked about reaching a tipping point and that humanity is ready for a new and different approach. Peace – not violence or war.

Some of the “work” involved is getting this “on the radar” of our elected government officials’ agendas. And the day after the meeting, what came to me was start a manifestation group where we are meditating with strong intentions and using the harp’s vibrations to see the U.S. Department of Peace come into reality. We will see how and when this all unfolds … we will keep you posted!