On my recent trip to Budapest and Prague, the “travel angels” were in full-on help mode! Here’s a couple of examples:

  • I wasn’t certain how I was going to “hook up” with my cousin’s wife who is living in Budapest. After being awake for nearly 36 hours when the shuttle bus pulled up to her apartment door, she was standing on the street corner visiting with some friends. As soon as I saw her, I knew the “travel angels” were at work!
  • One evening, we decided to go eat at a local restaurant. Down the block from the restaurant was a small church. I love going into churches in Europe – they are so beautiful and ornate. As we walked in, a small choir sang one verse of a song they were practicing. The acoustics were great and the music was beautiful! Then they left. We sat there a couple more minutes and suddenly, the pipe organ started playing … but only a few bars. Talk about perfect timing … the “travel angels” were working!
  • Another afternoon, we were walking around seeing different sights and my cousin’s children asked if we wanted to go inside the Basilica of Budapest … of course! A magnificent building, we were inside about two minutes when a woman started singing “Ave Maria.” It echoed throughout this huge space … it was stunningly beautiful! One verse and it was over. If we’d been two minutes later, we would have missed this.

Thank you “travel angels!!”