In a couple days (May 25th), it will be the third anniversary of the George Floyd situation happening “in my backyard” (about 10 miles from my home).

The days after it happened, I was exhausted and I asked myself, “What would soothe my soul?” As I sat quietly, I heard a voice say, “Go to your harp and play.” The piece of music (that I found while cleaning my house – remember the early days of CoVid!!) that was on my music stand was “Infusion of Love” by Sarajane Williams. I played it, took a breath and played it again … and again. That first week of violence, civil unrest and fear, I played that song hundreds of times.

Something else happened out of this experience. My friends were calling asking me if I was OK since all the mayhem was happening in my city … and they were distraught. I heard myself say, “I’ll Play for You.” It was really a play on words of “I’ll Pray for You.” This became my vibrational healing practice, using the graceful notes of the harp to be an energetic healing presence for my community, city and the world.

This practice morphed and evolved into playing for 365 consecutive days, using the harp for distance healing, including making daily journal entries to capture what I was experiencing. Now, these on-going harp meditations have evolved into a very rich, deeply spiritual daily practice. Someday, my journal notes may become a book!

It feels important to honor these important anniversaries; this experience started in Minneapolis but it went viral, touching the whole world. Using music, our continued prayer is “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”