I played the harp yesterday in the hospital where I volunteer. My friend, who does Healing Touch, and I were working together. As we were on the elevator, we spoke with a young man who commented he was going to the second floor where the new babies are. We asked him if he was a new father and he said, “Yes, we had a little girl and this is our third child. I think we are done now!”

My friend and I worked with one woman and then, we were asked to work with a man who was being transferred to a nursing home, going into hospice care. The harp therapy and Healing Touch treatment calmed both the patient and his lovely wife. A sacred time, the whole experience felt very holy.

As my friend finished charting, I put my harp in its case. The young man (who we’d met on the elevator) and his wife with their new baby were strolling past the dying man’s room…the circle of life.