When CoVid transformed the world to Zoom, I disliked the sound of my harp on this digital platform. So, I invested in sound equipment. After doing several sound checks with friends, I was convinced my investment was a good choice.

Recently, I had an experience where it became even more obvious I had needed to make this investment. I had a harp gig on Zoom for New World Women on September 16, 2021. I had planned to be in Minneapolis with my big harp and new, improved sound equipment. But, the Universe had something else in mind – I needed to be with my elderly parents in Lexington, KY. The good news is I could rent a harp, but without any “beefed up” sound system. The organizers and I did our best to maximize the sound, but when we listened back to the recording, none of us were satisfied with the harp’s sound quality. So, once I returned to Minneapolis with access to my big harp/sound system, I re-recorded the music and it will be inserted into the presentation content.

I share this information if you are a harpist and are doing lots of work on Zoom (or other digital platforms), it may be a good investment to “ramp up” your sound quality. Yes, it’s some money, but the harp is very “finicky!” And it is always about amplifying the beautiful harp’s vibrations, frequency and resonance.