Are you finding you are more sensitive to sound(s)? If so, you are not alone! We are hearing that frequently from our customers, families and friends … “I can’t stand any extemporaneous sounds around me!” or “The noise levels around me are triggering my central nervous system and I’ve never experienced this before!”

Why is this happening? We don’t know and we are not mental health experts. But, our intuition is when we first went into pandemic lock-down, we were quiet, still, contemplative … perhaps for the first time ever for many people. Then, as we started becoming more active and around more sounds/noises, our nerves hadn’t adjusted yet. So, perhaps this is a remnant of CoVid. What are your thoughts?

And what can we do now? Part of our self-care is to put ourselves in places that reflect our “sound values.” If we like quiet, create that in our lives – and perhaps that’s where the harp can help! And if we go somewhere where it’s likely to be noisy, bring ear plugs or psyche yourself up for the experience and be sure to give yourself  plenty of quiet time afterwards to process and rejuvenate. Again, this might be a time where harp music can be helpful.

Let us know what works for you and we’ll exchange ideas!