Remember this old adage of “practice makes perfect” from school days?! And musicians are always thinking about practicing. What new music are you working on? For what/when? What are the optimal ways to practice (long stretches, short bursts or anywhere in between)?

Honestly, one of my favorite “practices” is when I already know the music and my “practice” is just a run-through or refresh. That is so enjoyable!

But, we have to “roll up our sleeves” sometimes to actually learn new music. One method for new music that works really well for me is to practice 10-15 minutes in the morning and 10-15 minutes at night. (This same technique works beautifully to memorize music, too.) These “bite-size pieces” help keep me out of overwhelm, and also allow my conscious and sub-conscious mind to work during the day and night to accelerate learning. Quite an interesting technique!

For musicians, it is the discipline of practicing; for writers or others, it may be about a time set aside for creativity or self-expression. Regardless of the activity, it is always helpful to be mindful and in the present moment, right?!

So, here’s to your own personal “practice making perfect.”