On my recent trip through Nebraska where my mom grew up, I was asked if I would play for the local nursing home. (My mom’s sister is currently a resident there.)

As I set up my harp an elderly man wheeled to the front row. We started talking; he was such a dear soul. Then, his wife came in and she was lively and very engaging.

Throughout the concert, they both enjoyed the music. When I started playing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” he started singing and they held hands. When we got to the last line, “Let me call you sweet-heart, I’m in love with YOU,” he had tears running down his face. What a sweet moment!

Then I mentioned I would play “Home on the Range” and he started crying before I ever began. Later, I asked him if he was a cattle rancher and he said, “Yes, we had 5,000 acres in the Sandhills. Being here is quite an adjustment.”

I was staying with my cousin who is a corn farmer with many acres of crops. He and his dear wife help feed the world; I get to bring joy and heart connection. How blessed we all are…