HarpYou have likely seen the book or heard the expression, “All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten.” Well, recently on Facebook, I saw a post (and I don’t know who posted it – otherwise, I would give you credit), “All I Need to Know About Life, I Learned from a Harp.” (I am also not sure who the author of the sayings is – again, I’m happy to give credit once I learn who wrote it.)

Some of these are quite applicable to our times:

  • Take it one note at a time.
  • Never stop playing.
  • When in doubt, gliss. (For non-harpists “gliss” means glissando – what the harp is best known for!)
  • Hug your harp and you will vibrate.
  • Some days it’s OK to be out of tune.
  • Life is not a dress rehearsal … harp on it!
  • Heaven can wait – harpists are pre-registered.
  • Buzzing is a sound in nature.
  • Touch someone’s harp – go to jail. That’s the law!

We love the harp and hope you do, too. Enjoy … in joy!