In early June this year, I learned of a peace movement initiative called Peace on Earth by 2030. It is spearheaded by David Gershon of the Empowerment Institute. Approximately 30 years ago, I went through the four-day intensive called the Empowerment Workshop. To say it left quite an impression on me, is an understatement! Then, I played the harp for David’s wife (Gail Straub) in the Netherlands in 2001. Honestly, after that, I lost touch with this powerful couple. But when I recently heard David’s name associated with the peace movement, I knew he would be a dynamic conduit and coalescing agent. Launching Peace on Earth by 2030 is his newest project.

During World Unity Week in mid-June, David facilitated meditations of seven frequencies or actions or unitive strategies. The purpose of the sessions on Zoom was to begin building community; the goal is for an eventual 40-50 million people to participate in this exciting movement.

Also, these meditations were the beginning intentional groundwork for “The Game” — a process to help heal what divides us and facilitate global peace in seven years. Lofty goals but David has explored the tipping point, as well “run the metrics.” (That’s where the number of 40-50 million came from.)

The Musical Term “Frequency”

In the meditations, I was intrigued that he used the term “frequencies,” which I relate to musically with the harp. I approached David to see if he would be interested in having harp music connected to each of these frequency meditations. He said, “Yes!” So in August, I recorded almost four hours of music to help raise the vibrations of these already-so-powerful meditations. It was quite an honor and a very special project … honestly, a highlight of my harp work!

For each recording session, my intention was to play harp music at the frequency/vibration of each of the seven frequencies (empowerment, oneness, unity, cooperation, abundance, love and faith) and to “ripple out” the vibrations of each to humanity and the planet for peace. You can listen to the meditations by clicking here.

I finished playing “The Game” in late September and it was a profound experience of building community and launching the highest vision for humanity possible — Peace on Earth by 2030. You are invited to participate in “The Game” process; the next opportunity to play begins on January 17, 2024. It’s going to take all of us!! Click here for more information.

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