Peace MeditationBesides launching United Nations of Harpists (previous post), I have been actively hosting and facilitating Peace Meditations for the past six months. These gatherings on Zoom began back in November 2020:

  • Election Day
  • Senate run-offs (January 5, 2021)
  • MLK Day on January 18, 2021 (when there were rumors of extensive violence across the country prior to Inauguration Day).

And now two times a month, a group that I’m part of who is studying the issue of race relations is meditating for diversity, equity and inclusion.

All of these meditative experiences are powerful! We meditate in silence and I play the harp intermittently to keep our vibration high and focused. We are meditating for the highest good for all in our country and the world. My vision is more harpists will be hosting and facilitating these peaceful gatherings around the world … what a positive way to contribute!

Peace to you …