MedicalI love to walk in my neighborhood, especially this time of year. And many days, I coordinate with my neighbor who is a home care nurse. When we walk together, we also talk … and a whole bunch of topics are covered!!

Recently, we were walking and my neighbor was de-briefing her day of visiting patients. (I don’t think this is an easy job, visiting with them for 20 minutes, then battling traffic and the weather to get to the next patient and do it all over … all day long.)

As we were walking by one of the houses in our neighborhood, a woman was standing outside and she said, “Excuse me! Are one of you women a doctor?” My friend said, “I’m a nurse, not a doctor. Do you need help?” The other woman said she wanted to show something, so she slightly slid down her neckline. She had an open sore and the nurse replied, “Oh, I suggest you go to the ER and they will give you some antibiotics and salve for your wound.”

We continued walking but I thought (although I didn’t say anything) … really?! How about some Vitamin E for tissue repair and anti-scarring, essential oils for infection control/healing, and using the Healing Touch technique of ultrasound. Obviously, I’m not a nurse, but I found it fascinating that both of us immediately went to our “healing toolboxes” … hers of traditionality and mine of au naturel. Who was right? I’d suggest both of us … and I am awaiting and very much looking forward to the day of both consumers and the medical world “getting,” appreciating and recommending the wide array of possibilities to promote the healing journey. I continue to envision this occurring sooner rather than later … bring it on!!