Our favorite holiday arrives on Thursday (Thanksgiving). Is it your favorite, as well?! It is a special time of gratitude, to remember our blessings and offer our thanks:

  • We have experienced many blessings from CoVid (and yes, we are aware of many losses and personal devastations)–
    • Slower pace
    • Time to reflect
    • Discern what’s next
    • Re-assess our core values and re-align so we are more authentic and congruent
    • “Cleaning house” – yes, actually physically cleaning house, but also cleaning out relationships that no longer serve
    • Deepening other friendships/relationships that are part of our soul tribe.
  • Healing Harps for Global Peace and Unity – love this special community and so honored to facilitate and learn from them.
  • Our harp CD and download customers, plus our customers who have downloaded our e-books. Your on-going support warms my heart. May using my music and reading our books help you on your healing journey.
  • Virtual harp therapy patients – we have so enjoyed connecting on Zoom with you. The vibrations carry across the internet airwaves to help facilitate your healing … isn’t that a miracle?!
  • Our clients who have asked us to perform, play a concert or present an educational session about music and healing.
  • Our therapeutic harp students – what an awesome time we have had!
  • Daily practice of playing the harp every day for world peace and global unity. Love this way of contributing.

Besides our harp work, we have gotten involved with Pathways To Peace (and direct connections to the United Nations) and Rotary International. Vis-à-vis these organizations, we have been exposed to numerous other peace seeking, peace building and peace keeping organizations. There’s a world out there!! While the peace movement feels like it’s a well-kept secret, I think that’s changing daily as consciousness shifts and evolves. Exciting times for sure!