Last week, an elderly man from Yankton, SD called and asked, “Are you a harpist and from Nebraska originally?” (Yes to both!) Then he told me a hospice nurse brought my CD My Peace I Give You to play as his wife was dying. Meanwhile, his daughter in Bloomington, IL had a premonition that she needed to get to her mom’s bedside; that the end was close. She arrived at midnight on February 22 and the song, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” on the My Peace CD was playing. Her mom’s breathing was labored; she immediately crawled into bed with her to cradle her. As the CD finished the last song, “Abide With Me,” her mom smiled and took her last breath on February 23, 2014.

This elderly gentleman continued, “Today is our anniversary and I really miss my wife. It took me some time to figure out how to contact you because I don’t do computers, but I really want your CD. I think it would help me.”

He was such a dear man … both of us were in tears by the end of our conversation. It took a lot of courage for him to call me. As I prepared his order, I included a surprise – an extra CD called “Love’s Journey” – in honor of his dear wife.