MeditationAre you ramping up your meditation practice since the New Year? Here’s one idea to bring in more love and light … and don’t forget to turn on your favorite harp music before you start:

  • Close your eyes. Take a deep, slow inhalation breath through your nose. And move your gaze or focus to your third eye (between your eyebrow and at the center of your forehead). Envision light streaming into you.
  • Exhale through your mouth and move your focus to your heart.
  • Repeat the first two bullet points very slowly with deep breaths.
  • Each time you go into your heart, expand the good feelings. Envision love, appreciation, peace, gratitude and joy.
  • This is Light and Love.
  • Continue to connect to yourself, the community around you, as well as the world at large.

You can do this meditation any time you need to connect with something that is bigger than yourself. Happy meditating!