KindnessI recently went out to eat and saw the movie “La La Land” with a couple of my friends. Before sitting down in the theatre, we decided to use the rest room. When I walked out, I noticed a young couple and I overheard him giving his girlfriend “directions” how to get to the toilets. I asked, “Do you need help because I’m happy to guide you?” She said she was blind and would appreciate help. I helped her into the stall and asked if she’d like for me to wait so that she could get back to her boyfriend safely. She paused – I could tell she didn’t want to bother me – and then she sheepishly said, “Oh yes, please if you don’t mind!”

After she used the rest room, I helped her wash her hands and she thanked me profusely for assisting. I said, “It is such an important time to care for and help each other and most of all, be kind.” Her whole body responded, “YES!” As we re-connected with her boyfriend, I told her he was smiling ear-to-ear that she was happily returning to him!

It was really a beautiful interchange of kindness between us and one that certainly left an imprint on my heart.