For those of you who have heard me speak, I share about entrainment and the harp as a way to help you sleep. Using music to bring us into relaxation and ultimately sleep is a powerful non-pharmeutical approach.

With entrainment, as the music slows, we are basically progressing through the acronym of brain waves:  G B A T D which stands for Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Starting at the top of the chart and moving down, you can see how the brain waves get slower and flatter (not as sharp as Gamma waves). You are moving from focused attention/activity to sleep.

  1. The fastest brain waves are Gamma waves. This brain wave pattern connects us to our focusing ability and influences how quickly we pass information and play a role in our awareness and consciousness.
  2. When we are awake and alert, we are in Beta brain waves. This is predominately thinking tasks and they are fast brain waves. When we concentrate, Beta waves are fully engaged.
  3. Alpha brain waves equal relaxation and being calm. When our brain is resting in quiet thought, Alpha brain waves occur. The brain waves slow as we move down the above chart.
  4. The meditative state is Theta brain waves. (Theta can also be a sleep stage.) Brain waves in the Theta stage connect us to short-term and long-term memories plus your intuition and imagery that may be more than our normal awareness and/or consciousness.
  5. The slowest brain waves are Delta. Any awareness externally is suspended and this is our deepest stage of sleep. This stage of brain waves regulates and controls the autonomic functions of our body.

So hopefully, this explanation is helpful for you to see how our brain waves can either increase or decrease. And as you slow down music’s tempo (pulse), the brain (and body) move from full action and activity to deep relaxation and ultimately, sleep.

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