One of my CoVid projects was helping a fellow harpist in Healing Harps for Global Peace and Unity edit her new book. It is called “Harp Oracle:  Symbolic Tools in Harp Therapy” and it includes a downloadable pdf-formatted book, beautiful cards/drawings and sheet music. It was a delightful project and truly a labor of love to help with this special project. Written by Brazilian harp therapist Claudia Miranda, “Harp Oracle” is an educational book for all harpists.


Even though harp therapy isn’t well developed, valued, utilized or accepted in Cláudia Miranda’s home country of Brazil, she brings a profound new body of wisdom to harpists and the harp therapy community in “Harp Oracle.” In her newest book, Cláudia shares beautifully designed oracle cards/drawings, subtle and deep messages, and supporting sheet music. By using “Harp Oracle,” harpists everywhere can enrich their inner world or inspire a therapeutic intervention.

Biography of Cláudia Miranda:

Cláudia studied music as a child. When she went to college, she studied and graduated with a degree in Architecture.

Later, she took harp lessons from Myriam Rugani, Marcelo Penido and Cecília Pacheco. Cláudia has a Music Therapy degree from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais; she also studied in the International Harp Therapy Program from 2008 to 2009 and participated in many events organized by Christina Tourin. Cláudia is a holistic harp therapy practitioner combining music, harp and sound therapies with harp yoga.

As Cláudia researched harp symbols, she became intrigued how they can help harpists intuitively – both personally for their inner journey and during a therapeutic music intervention. Her “Harp Oracle” book, cards and sheet music evolved, sharing her learning of these rich, deep and profound symbolic tools for harp therapy. She has also authored the book, “Tones of Colors and Sounds – Harp Therapy Shades.”

If you would like to get your copy of this special book/cards, e-mail directly to learn more.