A Happy Thanksgiving message from Tami Briggs (Musical Reflections’ founder) —

Thanksgiving is a favorite time to reflect on all of the things I’m grateful for:

  •  Your continued support, as well as your feedback, ideas and encouragement.
  • All of the patients and families who allow me into their lives at a most vulnerable time of illness.
  • The healthcare staff at the numerous hospitals where I’ve had the opportunity to play for those they serve.
  • To Chris Schommer, Ben Myers and Kari Havir for creating my new website.
  • The opportunity to meet Dr. Earl Bakken, founder of Medtronic, and speaking/playing at an integrative care session at Medtronic. We had an awesome day together in August! It’s so exciting to watch corporate America now “get” the possibilities of integrating technology with the healing modalities I’m so passionate about … wow, what a time we live in!
  • The hundreds of people who follow me on Twitter (@HarpForHealing) and the wonderful people I am following. It is a window into people’s lives all over the world. I would never have this opportunity to connect without these unique technical programs.
  • For my lovely parents who will be joining me for the next week of celebrations.

 A few years back, I heard about a gratitude ritual – to list five things each day that I am grateful for. I like to name these things right before I go to sleep. I drift off with a smile on my face and realize how lucky I am for all the wonderful things in my life! I encourage you to try this … it is heart-full habit.  Have a lovely Thanksgiving!