AMMM Machine in black0971982244We love offering really unique music gadgets for gifts for the special people in your life:

  • The AMMM – this is short for Amazing Mini Music Machine (and affectionately called the AMMM!). A hand-held mini speaker, it comes with a flash drive that is pre-loaded with 5 hours of beautiful harp music. Click here for additional information.
  • Angelic Vibrations – the size of a credit card, this MP3 player is pre-loaded with 4 hours of Tami Briggs’ harp music. It comes with ear buds and easy-to-use instructions. And self-contained in a small plastic box! Find more information by clicking here.
  • While our harp CDs and downloads are not music gadgets, they are also available! We have 13 CDs and 150 songs to download/select from.

If you need more information on any of this, please feel free to call us at 952-829-1919. We are happy to facilitate getting perfect, unique holiday gifts for your loved ones on your Christmas shopping list!