microphone in front of packed roomWhen the pandemic “hit,” many musicians’ businesses were turned upside down. It took some time to figure out if and how we could become viable again. Zoom to the rescue! (Zoom is a videoconferencing platform – now used by millions worldwide.)

The only problem is the harp doesn’t sound very good on the Zoom platform. (Zoom is set up for speaking voices, not musical instruments.) After extensive research, we decided to invest in sound equipment. And as usual with technology, one thing led to another!

First, it was a condenser microphone/stand/cable, then the iRig interface from the mic into the computer. Next, was a lapel mic so you can hear Tami and finally, ear buds so she can hear you. As Tami worked with her vendor, his business was booming! And guess why … every musician’s home now has sound equipment! Overnight, the musician’s world changed … yes, we are a resilient and flexible people because we continue to be passionate about offering our musical gifts and services to the world.

You can decide for yourself if you approve our sound on Zoom. Contact Tami at Tami@MusicalReflections.com or 952-829-1919 for details.