Multi-taskI recently spoke and played the harp at the Holistic Health and Healing Summer Institute hosted by Woodwinds Health Campus in Woodbury, MN. I always love my time with this group!

The speaker after me was Dr. Henry Emmons. I’ve heard him speak a number of times and in this presentation, I learned something new! He talked about multi-tasking and the brain, and what he said was fascinating!!

Dr. Emmons basically said multi-tasking is NOT possible! He continued … the brain, in both men and women, can only focus on one thing at time. Even if you think you’re doing two (or three or four!) things at once, you are really doing several things in a distracted manner all at once. Our brains can’t process in a multi-tasking way. He suggested all that we can do is be in the present moment, focused on only ONE thing at a time. Definitely food for thought …