Over the years, we have worked with many different harpists and many of them are our friends. Of course, each person is unique and every harpist has their own style of playing. That said, an observation is almost every harpist that we know is not very grounded. (We don’t mean this in a judgmental way, but saying it out of care and concern for the harpist community.)

So, why might that be? First of all, the harp is ethereal, of the angelic realms. This doesn’t lend itself to grounding, does it?! The harp also touches the upper chakras which, again, is not about grounding. (Grounding tends to come from the lower chakras, tail bone, pelvic floor, our feet/legs, etc.). This helps explain why harpists might not be or feel grounded.

And what can we do to get grounded? The first thing is go to our instrument. Play the lowest notes possible on our harps and you can even pretend to play lower strings than what’s available on your instrument, setting strong intentions to ground, ground, ground. Other options:

  1. Walk on the earth
  2. Put your bare feet on the earth (in the northern hemisphere, it’s a good time of year to do this)
  3. Use Young Living essential oils – Grounding, Pine, Idaho Grand Fir, other trees, etc. are all excellent to help you ground.
  4. Hold a piece of hematite or put it in your pocket. This crystal is very grounding.
  5. As you meditate, visualize tree roots growing into the Earth from the base of your spine (root chakra) and bottoms of your feet.

Grounding is so important … we sincerely hope this helps give you ideas on how better to ground (whether or not you are a harpist). Do you have other ideas that work for you? If so, please let us know … we are always interested in learning from others and we’ll pass along the info to our harpist friends!