Difference MakerOn May 24, 2022, the world was shocked as 19 children and two teachers in Ulvalde, TX were the victims of gun violence. Perhaps you saw this sweet face of Rojelio Fernandez Torres … upon a closer look of the photograph, he is wearing a T-shirt that says “Difference Maker.”

This photograph had been in and out of my consciousness … a haunting of what did making a difference really mean to Rojelio? What did he see as his purpose, his mission as a 10- year-old boy?

On June 6th, I hosted and facilitated a Peace Meditation focused on gun violence. This meditation was sponsored by Rotary International’s EClub of World Peace. There were four women present on Zoom at 5-6 p.m. PT. After chatting briefly in the beginning, we began breathing together and uniting our hearts in love, as I began playing the harp.

About halfway through the meditation, Rojelio came in front of my harp. He whispered, “Please don’t let my life be for naught.” As I was playing, I realized he died as a major catalyst for us to finally change our gun laws. When I finished the song, he and I embraced in a loving hug, and I assured him that I am, along with millions and millions of other people around the world, doing everything possible now to make sure his beautiful legacy comes true … that he truly was a Difference Maker.

Rojelio had a big mission in his 10 short years on Earth. He is changing the entire world … what a powerful, beautiful little boy, now in spirit. Bless you always, Rojelio and rest in deep peace. May we work together to fulfill his legacy, as we are called more and more into activism and contributing in many different ways to make peace possible.