Music Heals the World!

When CoVid-19 first hit, one of my fellow harp therapists in Italy (Marianne Gubri) started a Facebook group called #MusicHealsTheWorld. What a [...]

Music Heals the World!2021-07-11T16:24:33-05:00

Freedom Quote

We have come across a plethora of quotes and love sharing them because they make us think and definitely inspire. This time, [...]

Freedom Quote2021-07-11T16:24:50-05:00

Daily Suggestions…

I write two blogs (yes, one isn’t enough!!!). After I posted the below list on the other blog (, I had many [...]

Daily Suggestions…2021-07-11T16:43:52-05:00

Turning 30…

That’s when I started playing the harp … really! (If I told you how many years I’ve been playing, I would tell [...]

Turning 30…2021-07-11T16:43:55-05:00

Watching harp videos

One of the comments that I hear a lot when I’m out and about playing is, “I love to watch your hands.” [...]

Watching harp videos2021-07-11T16:44:15-05:00

Follow on Twitter…

Twitter is a window into people’s lives all over the world. You can follow me on Twitter to know more about the [...]

Follow on Twitter…2021-07-11T16:45:42-05:00

Introducing my YouTube channel

Need some relaxation? There are many videos “sprinkled” throughout Musical Reflections’ new website.  Click here to view or you can visit my [...]

Introducing my YouTube channel2021-07-11T16:45:43-05:00

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