Besides harp music, we rep a product (the BioMat) that we love and is perfect now that the evenings are getting cooler. The BioMat  not only feels great, but it is a powerful healing tool. A Class II FDA-approved medical device (#2954299), it utilizes the triad of

1) Far infrared heat – infrared heat penetrates deeper and more evenly than a heating pad.

2) Amethyst crystals – amethyst is a detox which helps us to eliminate toxins from our body. It is also used in meditation and is a very spiritual stone.

3) Negative ions – negative ions are similar to oceans, mountains, forests and waterfalls, and they make us feel good. (Positive ions make us feel sluggish and lethargic.)

The health benefits include:

  • Relieves pain and eases joint stiffness
  • Increases blood circulation and cardiovascular function
  • Improves immune function
  • Removes waste and toxins, and assists in detoxification.

Bio-mats are especially popular and have been proven effective with people who have these issues:

  • Lower back pain or injuries
  • Arthritis and muscular-skeletal ailments
  • Fibromyalgia and other auto-immune diseases
  • Sore muscles, sprains, muscle spasms and soft tissue injuries.

Available in several sizes, click here for more information or contact me at 952-829-1919 … I look forward to connecting!