I met the Office Manager of Global Health Ministries (GHM) last September when our exhibit tables were next to each other at a SE Lutheran Women’s Convocation. She asked me to play the harp yesterday for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of GHM. It was wonderful to be present with this dynamic organization and I learned about the history, as well as future plans. I also learned that I want to get involved as a volunteer!

For some time, I’ve been asking the Universe for an opportunity to combine my love of international relations, therapeutic music, travel, and healing into an organization or specific role to make a bigger impact. Well, as of yesterday, I may have found it! Global Health Ministries is an organization where love and compassion are channeled for the health and hope of people around the world. They do this by enhancing healthcare programs in other countries, specifically by shipping medical equipment and supplies to individuals/countries with the greatest need. I believe the GHM motto says it all: “Helping the Hands that Heal.” Click here for more information.