We are sharing an exciting new offering – a unique approach to manifesting your heart’s desires. This new session features a gentle, but powerful guided meditation using heart-focused breathing, conscious writing (intentions), and the harp’s vibrations to elevate and expand your possibilities of manifestation.

You can click here for more information. As you read more about this offering, I want to mention that on April 4th, this meditation community was gathered on Zoom holding space for the WI Supreme Court election. (The “race” was between an election-denier candidate and a women who is pro-voting rights, women’s reproductive rights, and strengthening gun laws, etc.) It was supposed to be a tight, contentious race; the woman won by 11 points by 9 p.m. CT that evening.

On April 6th, I realized the power of these meditations and thought, “I need to do these for myself to manifest what I want.” So, I began on April 6th using the format in silence with intermittent harp for one hour per day; I haven’t missed a day! And I’ve been amazed at what has “come in,” manifesting my heart’s desires! Once I started observing the results, I realized there is value in offering it to others…

And what have clients said about this experience, “This was an absolutely wonderful experience! As Tami played, I had so many ‘downloads’ come through and I know having participated in this experience will be very helpful to me as I move forward with my next segment of my journey. Thank you.”

“I’m working on the launch of my new product. I can feel the vibes of the manifestation session from our time together as I continue to write copy for my new website. My feeling is the harp’s vibrations are very powerful!”

If you would like a private session, let’s connect at tami@MusicalReflections.com.