SpineWhen I attended the recent Mayo holistic wellness conference, I went to a break-out session on the Alexander Technique. It reminded me of my International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) training when we learned about it as a way to care for ourselves.

The Alexander Technique is very gentle stretching of the spine or legs/arms/hands…just giving the vertebrate or joints a slight bit of space to” breathe” and it’s actually giving space for fluid to move more freely. While you can do it on yourself, it feels more impactful when someone does the slight “pulls” on you.

For example, place both hands along the jaw bone and back of the head, then very gently lift up. As you are mindful of the spine, you can feel your posture improve as a tiny bit of space comes between each vertebrate. It feels heavenly!

I highly encourage you to find an Alexander Technique friend and do this with each other. Here’s to your health…