Small WorldIn early June, a life-long family friend from Weiser, ID, was diagnosed with cancer. It has touched all of our family and we continue to send healing thoughts and prayers to her.

About a month after her diagnosis, I had some friends stay with me from Kansas City. They had driven from KC to Portland, OR and were stopping in Minneapolis as they drove through on their way to Madison, WI.

I asked them about all of their adventures and they mentioned they’d stayed in a B & B in Weiser, ID. It was just “flucky” that they even mentioned it. I, then, told them about our family friend who’s been diagnosed with cancer. They mentioned that they had had a long talk with the purveyor of the B & B about someone who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I wondered if it could possibly be the same person, but what are the chances?!

We went to a restaurant for dinner and after we got back to my home, I said, “Do you think it would be possible to call the B & B owner and ask who is her friend with cancer?” We called and sure enough, it was the same person!!  Small world and such an amazing coincidence…