I’m not into hip hop music (for perhaps obvious reasons!!) but I just learned of a group using a very interesting marketing approach. The hip hop band, Wu-Tang Clan has been working on an album for the past six years. Once they have it complete, they will release only ONE CD and place it in a hand-carved, silver and nickel box, created by Yahya, the British-Moroccan artist known for his ornate lamps and designs based on classical Arabic forms.  It will be purchased and owned by one individual only.

Before it lands in one individual’s hands, the CD will make a tour to festivals, museums and galleries where interested folks can see the box and hear the music. Tickets for hearing the music will sell for $30 to $50. Heavy security is expected at all exhibitions to prevent anyone from recording the sought-after music.

The group’s goal with this approach is to change the conversation about music’s value.  It will be interesting to watch how this progresses…