I was recently asked to play for a friend’s granddaughter who overdosed on alcohol/drugs and ended up in a coma in a local hospital ICU. I played “energetically” which means I didn’t play in person or even on Zoom. I just “read her energy” and played as I felt guided, using my intuition. While I was playing, the “download” that came in was:

  • The granddaughter is benefiting from the music.
  • Her family who is surrounding her at the time of my playing is also benefiting from the music.
  • The staff are flitting in and out of the room. The ICU can be a very busy place with monitoring instrumentation, answering family questions, checking in on patients, etc. The music was helping them connect to their hearts, being more present within themselves, and also with the patient and everyone encircling the bedside.

While none of these above three bullet points are new to me from playing at hundreds (if not thousands) of bedsides, the next point is new:

  • The music is changing the entire healthcare system. The music created a ripple in the quantum field to transmute and transform the old broken system. This is bringing in the New Earth … wow, right?!

The harp’s vibrations impact the physical/cellular level of the patient/family/staff, but the music also has the power to go within the entire system to shift and change it. A big download of powerful medicine indeed!! This obviously has lots of implications as we continue to change into a more caring model of wellness and healthcare.