No ExcusesI spent a lovely weekend with my parents in Lexington, KY, for the recent Easter weekend. I played the harp in their dining room one evening and to say the residents appreciated it is an understatement!! I also agreed to play a half hour prelude for their Vespers service on Easter Sunday at 4 o’clock.

On Saturday night before Easter, I had just gone to sleep when I heard a harp string break. (This makes a loud “boing” noise and it was loud enough to wake me up!!) The next morning I realized the woman I rented the harp from hadn’t left me any harp string replacements.

My mom and I drove to her house and I have to be honest, I was speeding! (I was trying to hurry so I could get the string, re-string it and get it tuned before driving to the Easter church service.) Speeding along, my mom and I saw a police. We started laughing at the thought if I got pulled over, using the excuse “I was hurrying to go get a harp string.” I bet that would be an excuse no police has ever heard!!

And just an FYI – I didn’t get pulled over by the police and we did get the string, inserted it and made it to church in great shape!!