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Want to manifest your heart’s desires? This unique approach to manifesting is a combination of heart-focused breathing, conscious writing of intentions and meditating with the high vibrations of the harp. Tami Briggs, therapeutic harpist, will facilitate a customized, gentle yet powerful guided meditation to help you manifest your dreams.

Ready to order? A two-hour manifestation session is $295.00 either in person (Minneapolis/St. Paul area) or on Zoom. Click “add to cart” below.

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Manifestation MeditationExperience a unique approach to manifestation! Tami Briggs, therapeutic harpist, facilitates a gentle, but powerful guided meditation using heart-focused breathing, conscious writing (intentions), and the harp’s vibrations to elevate and expand your possibilities of manifestation. We will also explore a research-based vibrational continuum; you will learn how to monitor your own vibration and how it relates to what you manifest.

Program Details:

ProgramThese manifestation meditations are offered in person (Minneapolis/St. Paul area) or via Zoom. Each session is two hours; we determine a mutually agreed date/time for the session. During the first hour, we will:

  • Review your intention statement, making it as powerful as possible.
  • Learn about a vibrational continuum.
  • Share a simple technique to test your own vibration.

The second hour is a customized meditation with harp music to keep your vibration high and focused.


$295 for two-hour session. For payment click the “add to cart” button above.

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Tami Briggs, Therapeutic HarpistBio:

Tami Briggs, therapeutic harpist, has been hosting peace meditations for many years; she started doing these for the U.S. presidential elections and they have morphed/evolved over time. After recognizing these peace meditation’s power and potency, Tami began using the format personally (meditating daily for an hour in silence and playing the harp intermittently to facilitate her manifestations). Amazed at what was “coming in” from these manifestation meditations, she decided to start offering them for individuals to help you manifest your heart’s desires.


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