Blessings to You


This CD is three 20-minute pieces, featuring Tami Briggs’ compositions. It is a trio of the harp, flute and violin.

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Blessings to You introduces Tami Briggs’ compositions. The album is comprised of three 20-minute pieces, featuring the harp, flute and violin. Total Time – 59:24 minutes.

Playlist: Blessings to You

Download Unity (18:56) – LISTEN
Download Passages (21:25) – LISTEN
Download Illumination (18:53) – LISTEN

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What listeners have said about Blessings to You…

This has to be one of the most relaxing works I’ve ever heard in my life. So gentle, and it becomes increasingly gentle. I couldn’t imagine a patient lying in a hospital and not falling asleep to this. They would be powerless to resist it.”

I am really impressed. I didn’t know the harp could be played with such expression and emotion. The songs are so exquisite. You have developed a truly great technique to perform and record for the needs of your harp therapy program, and for great easy listening in any quiet or meditative state.”

My yoga instructor played this and it was the most relaxing beautiful music. I had to have it for my own practice.”

I am in a place where it’s hard to relax. The best thing I have found is to do yoga with your Blessings CD; what a blessing you are in this world, and put your music and talent and soul out there for people. Thank you!”

I love the new Blessings CD. I’ve been playing it non-stop for massage sessions ever since I got it. Love it!  It really knocks people out (in a good way!). That CD is going to travel a lot of places; it will help heal many hearts, too.”

Your album Blessings is wonderful. The peace and serenity you evoke is awesome. It will be among my favorites to play during Healing Touch sessions. Thank you for these compositions and for sharing such intimate music with the world.”

My daughter listened to Blessings a lot and told me about it. As I was looking through some of her belongings before she died, I found it and listened. I liked it so much, I had it played at her funeral. So now, every time I want to feel close to her, I play that CD.”

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