Virtual Bedside Vigils

Tami Briggs lives in Minneapolis, MN and is now offering virtual hospital and hospice bedside vigils via Zoom. She is a therapeutic [...]

Virtual Bedside Vigils2021-07-11T16:24:29-05:00

Virtual Harp Therapy

In the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) Facebook group, we have been discussing if harp therapy is effective virtually. I had a [...]

Virtual Harp Therapy2021-07-11T16:24:32-05:00

Code of Ethics for Certified Harp Practitioners

The following Code of Ethics has been adapted from the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. Graduates from the International Harp Therapy [...]

Code of Ethics for Certified Harp Practitioners2021-07-11T16:24:37-05:00

A Beautiful Destination

A couple months ago, I spoke to the new International Harp Therapy students. In preparation for our call, the host asked me [...]

A Beautiful Destination2021-07-11T16:24:47-05:00

Happy Thanksgiving!

All month long we celebrate the holiday of gratitude – Thanksgiving! (The actual date is Nov. 23 this year.) We hope you [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!2021-07-11T16:24:49-05:00

Well-Being and the Harp – Part II

Our emotions are the next area of well-being that we want to “discuss” as it relates to the harp. We are emotional [...]

Well-Being and the Harp – Part II2021-07-11T16:24:49-05:00

What happened 19 years ago?

I saw a fascinating Facebook post … an energy worker was sharing how the month of March is an important time given [...]

What happened 19 years ago?2021-07-11T16:43:51-05:00

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